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Domenic Romeo has played a key role in the Australian Technology industry, with a focus on cloud media workflows and solutions, for over 15 years.

Specialising in digital and media products and services, he has paved the way in industries across broadcast, music, media, entertainment, sports, and Data.

In the music industry, Romeo developed a world first and now leading technology platform for content distribution that led the way in cloud utilization that was decades ahead of its time.

He has since focused his efforts in the broadcast and sport environments with Network Ten’s transformation and development of Ten Play back in 2014, pioneering live OTT services across the broadcast industry.

Leading the National Rugby League (NRL) into a digital age was next, culminating in publishing, production, archiving, data, and commercialisation capabilities across cloud services – which has formed a blueprint for other leagues to leverage as part of Romeo’s role now within his new venture as LayerCake.

Romeo and LayerCake have since been providing expert advice and implementation support in the sport, broadcast, and media industry over the last three years. This includes the market release of their cloud orchestration and automation services for Live Streaming, LayerCake Media.